Turkish delight

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Turkish Delight, Chocolate, Nuts

The easiest and best way to make your loved ones happy on special occasions is to present them with gifts. Apart from special occasions, you can make them happy by purchasing gifts for your mother, father, spouse or colleagues and you can be the reason for the smile on their faces. Regardless of your budget, it is very easy to make the right choice with our gift types suitable for all ages! The delight, chocolate and dried fruit varieties that manage to impress both with their taste and with their special and luxurious package design, are a great gift option for your loved ones!

Turkish delight

Known all over the world and with a history of about 230 years, Turkish delight is a delicious and famous part of our culture. Since its inception, lokum has been used as a sign of affection, especially among couples. The spouses were expressing their love by giving each other Turkish delight. Since then, Turkish delight has been one of the most special gifts. According to a legend; Believing that the way to the heart of the man passes through his stomach, a Sultan created Turkish delight with corn starch, sugar water and various flavors such as hazelnut and dried fruit. Soon, Turkish delight turned into an indispensable dish of palace kitchens. Turkish delight was loved especially by the sultans and was consumed almost every day.

In the 19th century, a British traveler visited our country and met Turkish delight. He loved Turkish delight so much that when he returned to his home country, he bought a packet of Turkish Delight to present to his family. In fact, the term "Turkish Delight" emerged after that time. Turkish delight has also become indispensable in Europe. Most of the famous artists started to consume Turkish delight. Pablo Picasso used to consume Turkish delight to concentrate while painting. He always kept these wonderful foods in his house. Winston Churchill and Napoleon became fans of the pistachio-filled Turkish delight.

Today, Turkish delight is one of the most preferred snacks at tea time. Presenting Turkish delight on special occasions is a part of our tradition. It is a flavored confection prepared with starch and sugar filled with ingredients such as Turkish delight, dried fruits, honey and hazelnuts. After sprinkling powdered sugar on it, it is cut into cubes. Turkish delight melting in the mouth may contain many exotic mixtures. All kinds of Turkish delight are very popular in our country. Turkish delight, which can be consumed alone or accompanied by tea or coffee, can be a great gift choice.


Chocolates are a food that billions of people have enjoyed for four thousand years. We should add that chocolate was used as a currency when it was first discovered. Chocolate, which is a food that every civilization and every country respects and cannot give up, can be enjoyed by all people from seven to seventy. Chocolate, which has positive effects on our health and helps the secretion of the hormone of happiness, is one of the foods that improve mood.

The interaction of this fantastic food with various flavors makes it even more delicious and special. In addition to rich variations such as hazelnut, vanilla, and grapes, the milky, plain and bitter chocolate is also very popular. Chocolate is also the most popular gift. Because even the aesthetics of chocolate are enough to create a feast. As a gift; You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every budget. For family members, colleagues, spouse or any other loved one, chocolate is undoubtedly a gift that will delight them. You can express your feelings better with a pack of chocolates on all special occasions such as Valentine's Day, women's day, father's day, mother's day, wedding anniversary, congratulations and birthdays.


One of the best gift options for special day celebrations is nuts. If you want to make a difference with an unconventional gift, you can evaluate the nut packages. Even in a boring meeting room, you can turn the atmosphere into a fun atmosphere with nuts. With a variety of protein-laden nuts with multiple health benefits, you can create a unique gift for your colleagues, family and all your loved ones.

Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and grapes, which are tasty and versatile as well as compatible with a healthy diet, are among the most popular snacks. Varieties of nuts with nutritious properties are among the most basic foods that protect against diseases because they are high in antioxidants. Therefore, you can give your valued people the opportunity to feel special with a nut package.


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