Tea and coffee

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Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee consumption is a popular habit in Turkish culture as well as all over the world. The first thing that comes to mind when buying gifts for our friends, family members and all loved ones is the tea set or coffee set. Although always a risk-free gift choice, these beverage sets stand out with their long-lasting and usefulness. Extraordinary, modern designed tea set and cup set are counted among the best gift choices!

Tea Culture

Millions of people around the world drink tea for many reasons. Along with different types of teas, classic black tea is a national drink and part of our tradition. Drinking tea in a thin waisted glass is one of the famous Turkish rituals. Tea consumption is an important lifestyle for most people. Expressing balance, harmony, satisfaction and enjoyment, tea is the most important part of breakfasts and breaks at work, as well as the best complement to snacks, sometimes a piece of bread and sometimes a bagel. Accompanying breakfasts, friends and family conversations, tea can be consumed at any time of the day. Therefore, a tea set, for example, can be a good gift choice for anyone. You can turn your tea presentation set gift into an even more impressive gift by choosing designs that are suitable for the style of the person or people you are considering to buy a gift!

Tea has been consumed in European countries since the 18th century. Most countries around the world are passionate about this wonderful drink. It is said that the first Turk to consume tea was Hoca Ahmet Yesevi. Turks met with tea culture in the 19th century. In the times of Abdülhamit II, tea was considered as an agricultural product. It was soon discovered that tea was a healing beverage rather than a commercial product. After that, tea culture started to take place in our country. Tea planting has started with the tea seeds imported from Japan. Although tea cultivation was tried for the first time in our city of Bursa, no positive results were obtained due to the unsuitable climatic conditions of this city for tea production. In 1924, with a new initiative, tea cultivation was started for the first time in Rize and the production took place. Nowadays, the Eastern Black Sea is a world famous place for tea cultivation.

Although tea, which has a history of about five thousand years, was noticed late by the Turks, we are now one of the important tea producers in the world. In addition to its contributions to our health, tea becomes common to us when we chat with our colleagues and work at the desk. Sometimes it is the best medicine for our fatigue. We drink tea in all seasons, whether it is summer or winter. Tea, which can add value to our lives, is the type of beverage best suited to cakes, pastries and cookies. The pleasure of the tea we consume with the tea sets reflecting our style will be more beautiful!

Coffee Culture

Coffee, which is one of the most consumed beverages other than water, has an important place in the world. Most people start their day with a cup of coffee. Coffee, which has turned into a cultural phenomenon, manages to attract us all day long. Today, coffee has become an important part of social norms. Especially at workplaces, a coffee break is an activity that energizes and makes employees happy. Coffee consumption also helps to create a social environment. Chatting with our friends or family while enjoying a cup of coffee gives us peace of mind. Especially, Turkish coffee served to guests and sipped with them has a different place.

Since the 15th century, coffee has taken its place in Turkish culture. Coffee with grounds made with special cooking methods in a coffee pot is named as Turkish coffee. The effects of Turkish coffee on the global coffee trade and coffee cultivation around the world are also quite high. The history of Turkish coffee, began with the arrival in Turkey of the core. In 1517, the Governor of Yemen, after finding a new drink in his region, offered this drink to Suleiman the Magnificent. This new drink impressed Sultan Süleyman. After that, Turkish coffee became one of the important drinks of the palace. Taking its place in the palace kitchen, coffee became the popular drink of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, Turkish coffee has been one of the important drinks that reflect our culture. Turkish coffee, which is another pleasure, socializing and offering flavor, also creates wonders on health. Most importantly, it lowers cholesterol, has pain relieving effects and provides effective protection against diabetes. It is known that Turkish coffee is also good for asthma. If you are unsure about choosing a gift; You can evaluate the coffee cup sets and make the coffee pleasure of your loved ones even more meaningful!

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