Olive oil

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Olive oil

Besides being healthy, olive oil has an important place all over the world due to both mythological and scientific findings. Olive oil, a type of oil unique to the Mediterranean, has always been a separate place since the time it was found. If you want to present a healthy gift to your loved ones and get out of the ordinary; Fascinating with its stylishly designed packages, olive oil will be an extraordinary choice!

Olive Tree in Mythology

The value of olive oil in Greek mythology started from the time when the sea god Posedion and the goddess of art Athena competed together. The one who would present the most precious gift to the people would win the race. Posedion produced a white horse and seawater. Athena revealed the first olive tree. Athena won the race because the olive tree was considered the most precious gift. Olive oil, which loves mild climate and is grown in regions close to sea water, started to be grown after that period. The sacred olive tree was planted in Athens for the first time.

Olive Oil in Old Sports Games

In honor of the god Athena, olive oil was presented to the winners in the Olympic games. The amount of olive oil gifted would have been so great that the whole family could use this olive oil for almost a year. Since then, olive oil has been one of the important gift choices.

Olive as a Symbol of Peace

Criminals, begging for forgiveness, took refuge in the gods holding an olive branch. In addition, messengers who demanded a ceasefire during the war extended an olive branch as a symbol of peace.

The Importance of Olive Oil in Medicine

Hippocrates, the pioneer of medical science, used olive oil for the treatment of at least 60 ailments. He preferred the adjective "great healer" for olive oil. Since then, olive oil has played a huge role in people's lives. Due to its health benefits, this oil type has started to be produced in our country and throughout the Mediterranean coastline.

The Place of Olive Oil in Turkish Culture

Olive oil is obtained from olive trees grown in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Olive oil is an important element of our culture due to its being completely natural, positive effects on health and organic structure. This oil, which is also indispensable for the Mediterranean diet, has a wide variety of uses. Olive oil is used with peace of mind in meals, salads, desserts and egg foods. By giving olive oil to your colleagues, friends and family members, you can encourage them to eat a healthy diet and make a difference with your gift selection!

Since the taste of the dishes cooked with olive oil is also very delicious, we can say that it is much superior to other oils.

The Healthiest Gift: Olive Oil!

A spoonful of virgin olive oil in the morning can be enough for a long, healthy and active life. Regularly consumed olive oil can offer a solution to gallstones and hypertension. It was also found that olive oil is good for joint rheumatism. Just one tablespoon of olive oil each day can heal ulcers and help the intestines function properly. Extra virgin olive oil provides additional benefit in lowering blood pressure while maintaining the best heart health. As it improves glucose metabolism, it reduces the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. The fact that extra virgin olive oil is an indispensable product of low calorie diets is the most important proof that it protects against obesity and accelerates fat burning. In addition to all these, olive oil has positive effects on bone formation, skeletal development and general growth. The benefits of olive oil on people of all ages are undeniable.

The benefits of olive oil are not limited to these! Olive oil, also known as beauty legend, is an effective nutrient for natural beauty. Choosing olive oil during daily care nourishes the skin and hair incredibly. Its chemical-free nature encourages the use of olive oil instead of many cosmetic products. Because the beneficial components in the structure of this oil provide all the support that the skin and hair need. Olive oil can be used safely as it does not contain any harmful substances. Most face and body creams contain olive oil. Especially moisturizing products are produced from olive oil.

Olive oil used as a mask for silky hair softens the hair and gives it a shiny look. Since ancient times, this oil has been preferred in massage. The reason is that while it softens and nourishes the skin, it also relieves pain. Olive oil, which is a solution to various problems such as burns, skin defects and acne, not only beautifies us but also contributes to the health of our skin. Olive oil, which is a good moisturizer especially for dry skin, can leave an extraordinary effect on the skin even when used alone.


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