Office-Bedside Pitcher Set

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Office-Bedside Pitcher Set

Think of a gift that is useful, necessary, and long-lasting for people of all ages of all genders! You can present a great gift to your loved ones with the office-bedside pitcher set. Considering how beneficial drinking water is for health, you can encourage people you care about to drink water with a stylish jug set with unique designs. Jug sets are one of the best choices that add color to homes and offices and satisfy the person they are gifted to.

Most Valuable Gift: Jug Set

Office workers, in particular, may neglect drinking water due to workload. With their interesting, extraordinary and modern designs, the jug sets prevent dehydration. Glass jugs came into our lives during the Second World War. Until then, water was preserved in large iron barrels or clay jugs. With the increase in technological advances in glass manufacturing, glass jugs also gained popularity. Nowadays, pitcher sets have become indispensable for personal gift presentation.

A Brief Overview of the History of Jugs

Ancient civilizations kept drinking water in large barrels or containers. These were extremely heavy to transport and often had to be carried by more than one person. In the medieval period, people drank water from shells made of animal skin. The vessels were sometimes called water pouches, and wine was also stored in times of war with these pouches. In the 1800s, bottles were made from materials such as clay or sandstone. In the 1900's, glass bottles began to be produced. Farmers could add water to refillable glass bottles and consume cold water while working in the field. At that time, pitcher design had not yet begun.

In 1937, a water storage container was produced for the soldiers. When the outside of this container was covered with felt, the water stayed cooler longer. After the Second World War, glass jugs were designed and became a popular tool used worldwide. Apart from glass, aluminum jugs were also produced. In the 1960's, steel pitchers were produced. After the 1980s, glass jugs were used more widely. Glass jugs, which have become one of the indispensable tools of almost every home, are now preferred as gifts. Today, these products are used consciously all over the world, since water stored in glass cups or glass jugs does not threaten health rather than plastic products.

Why Glass Jug?

Water is essential for life and the body needs water to function properly. In order to be healthier, we need to consume sufficient amount of water regularly. Water that carries nutrients to cells helps blood circulation. Due to the high heat capacity of water, body temperature is balanced in hot and cold environments. In addition to all these, it has important functions in many parts of the body such as water, stomach, respiratory tract, digestion and bones. The more fresh and natural the water is consumed, the more its health benefits increase. Glass jugs provide advantages in many ways. Preserved in a glass jug, the water preserves its taste and naturalness for longer. This is because the substances in the glass structure do not harm the general structure of water. For example, plastic jugs can damage the water in a short time, changing their smell, color and taste. These seriously threaten our health. However, there is no such danger with the glass jug. Glass jugs, which can preserve water in the best way, also ensure that the water remains delicious for long hours.

Glass jug is always safer than others. Plastic may melt and damage drinks. Chemicals that leak into the beverage are incredibly harmful to health. When it comes to glass jugs, you don't have to worry about chemicals and contaminants. Glass products made of natural materials such as sand, limestone and soda have been determined to be completely safe. For this reason, glass materials provide benefits for our health as well as environmental benefits. Today, many consumers buy glass materials in order to create environmental awareness. Glass can be fully recycled and reused as needed. Glass is the only material in the market that has endless recycling feature. A recycled glass product can take on a new product in about 30 days. You can also use your gift choice in favor of glass jug sets and keep your loved ones happy while protecting the environment!


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